Seeds of freedom film

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Our friends at the Gaia Foundation have just released a great new film, with a similar title to ours, that offers a compelling insight into the ways in which African farming communities and organisations are reviving traditional seed diversity across the continent, and resisting mounting corporate pressure to use industrialised seed and farming methods. For… Read More

Las semillas de la discordia: commentario

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Comentario de Philip Seufert, de FIAN International En la provincia de Niassa, en el norte de Mozambique, una compañía, Chikweti, establecida con inversiones de iglesias suecas y noruegas y del fondo de pensiones holandés ABP, está creando grandes plantaciones de árboles. Chikweti no solo prometía a sus inversores una gran rentabilidad financiera, sino que también… Read More

Seeds of discontent now in Spanish and Portuguese

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Seeds of discontent is now available with subtitles in Spanish and Portuguese. Thank you to Vinicius Ritter and Beatriz Martinez for the translations!

Seeds of discontent shows reality of land grabs worldwide

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Seeds of discontent shows reality of land grabs worldwide

The strength of Seeds of Discontent is that it shows what land grabbing means to the affected communities, and how difficult it is for them to resist. Cases like this one are happening every day, all over the globe. Communities are confronted with investors who arrive and promise a lot to them: jobs, “development”, money,… Read More

Director’s Notes

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Director’s Notes

On the banks of the Ruvuma River, surrounded by the beautiful landscape of Northern Mozambique, lies the picturesque province of Niassa. Two thousand kilometers from the country’s capital is a region that attracts honeymooners, adventure tourists, and conservation specialists from all over the world. Expedition guides come to work here every day, marveling at the… Read More

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