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Clearing land for Chikweti

In the northern province of Niassa, Mozambique, one company, Chikweti, set up with investments by Swedish and Norwegian churches and the Dutch pension fund, ABP is establishing large tree plantations. Chikweti not only promised their investors a large financial return, but also claimed it would deliver jobs, environmental protection and community development to the region…. Read More


Geoff Arbourne, Director

Geoff Arbourne, Director. Geoff  grew up in a small fishing village in Devon, England. As a youth worker, working with teenagers who had behavioural and emotional problems, he became aware of how young children (and adults) can feel so invisible in desperate situations. After completing a Bachelor and Masters degree in Cultural Studies in the… Read More


“Seeds of Discontent” was commissioned by Transnational Institute and FIAN International as part of their work in the Hands off the Land Alliance. It is based on research initially done by the Mozambican National Peasants’ Organization, UNAC (União Nacional de Camponeses) Transnational Institute (TNI) was established in 1974 as an international network of activist  researchers… Read More

Duckin’ & Divin’ Films

Duckin’ & Divin’ Films is a documentary production-house based on honest storytelling. Over the last ten years documentaries have become the “new rock and roll”. Bringing huge success and creditability to an art form often regarded as dull, unentertaining, and lacking a clear narrative structure. We strive to be at the forefront of telling people… Read More

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